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  • Designing buildings with partial sight


    RNIB Northern Ireland’s Eye Work Too project has helped a talented young architect secure a prestigious student placement. Danny Cartin has been partially sighted since birth and is blazing a trail helping to design buildings in Belfast.

  • Minimum Wage rises this month


    Two million UK workers on minimum wages are receiving a pay rise. Check how you might be affected.

  • Reasonable Adjustments Disability Passport


    The TUC and GMB have launched a new "Reasonable Adjustments Disability Passport" to help disabled people who fall out of work or switch employers each year to get the support they need.

  • Forward thinking employers value employee with sight loss


    When Mark Skelton noticed his sight was deteriorating, he began to panic. After plucking up the courage to discuss his concerns with the company's managers and directors, he was surprised by their reaction.

  • A Dining in the Dark experience aims to open employers eyes to people with sight loss


    Gina Badenoch, the founder of social enterprise Capaxia, and the organiser of this event, hopes the Dining in the Dark experience will encourage guests to broaden the type of people they employ. She says it is about making us aware of how often we judge people solely on their appearance.

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