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Whether you’re affected by sight loss are blind or partially sighted or know someone who is this is your podcast. Your voice, your stories, your lives! 

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Craic On, produced by RNIB in Northern Ireland, features a rich mix of local voices and local stories of local people affected by sight loss.  We have different themes each episode and welcome any and all input and ideas from you our listeners! 

The Craic On podcast (formerly Sound Vision Online) joins a growing family of other great RNIB podcasts which includes The Weekly Connect, Tech Talk and Read On Air

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This month:

Since 2013, Anne has been helping people who have experienced sight loss to upskill on the computer and use assistive technology such as ZoomText or JAWS in order to increase their chances of securing paid employment, or staying in their current job.

More recently, she has been helping people get to grips with the latest phones and tablets to help make life that bit easier and enjoyable – from learning how to shop online, to paying bills, staying in touch with friends and family.

Find out more of what’s possible with just a little time and knowhow in this month’s podcast with Anne and Kirsty.

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