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Whether you’re affected by sight loss are blind or partially sighted or know someone who is this is your podcast. Your voice, your stories, your lives! 


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Craic On, produced by RNIB in Northern Ireland, features a rich mix of local voices and local stories of local people affected by sight loss.  We have different themes each episode and welcome any and all input and ideas from you our listeners! 

The Craic On podcast (formerly Sound Vision Online) joins a growing family of other great RNIB podcasts which includes The Weekly Connect, Tech Talk and Read On Air

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This month:

Marathon man Tony Barclay kindly joined us in the RNIB NI studio this month to tell us about the countless benefits of running. 

Tony runs VI Runners and Guide Runners NI and hopes to encourage more blind and partially sighted people to take up running. 

Tony said: “Believe you can do it; get off the sofa, get out and run. Enjoy the social benefits, the mental health benefits and the physical benefits and just be part of it!

“You don’t have to run fast, you can walk, you can do a Couch to 5K; we’ve all the facilities in place to support you with this. Just reach out and have a go. You won’t regret it.” 

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We’re always open to new topic ideas and eager to share local people’s experiences, tips and life hacks with others. Call us on: 028 9032 9373, email: [email protected], or tag @RNIBNI on twitter using #CraicOn, and let’s start a conversation! 

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