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Customer Feedback Policy & Procedure

RNIB is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. Critical to this is ensuring that customers can feed back on the service they received and we respond in a helpful and flexible way to what the customer needs. Feedback is welcome to help improve services and standards.

1. Introduction

The handling of customer feedback (complaints, compliments and comments) has a direct bearing on the public image of RNIB and its Board of Trustees.

All customer feedback will receive an acknowledgment within five working days and dealt with within twenty working days.

Complainants should be dealt with promptly, constructively and with empathy; it is important that every complainant should feel that their complaint has been dealt with appropriately, with courtesy, fairness and respect.

Feedback should be directed to the appropriate team for action, recording, communication. Trend data should be gathered as part of business intelligence for organisational development. A list of data fields to capture on the relevant systems is provided in Annex One.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to set out the procedure on how feedback relating to all RNIB business activity (e.g., services, solutions, events, fundraising), should be dealt with by staff, in order to reflect the objective of improving the services offered to customers.

3. Scope

This policy applies to RNIB and its subsidiaries. All workers (staff, volunteers, and contractors) are responsible for enacting the policy and procedures outlined.

4. Review

This policy is due for review April 2026 in line with RNIB’s Policy Framework; every three years or following any relevant legislative changes.

5. RNIB Service Promises

RNIB’s Service Promises which have been written in collaboration with customers and staff set the high expectations by which we aim to deliver any service or customer interaction from all areas of the organisation.

  • We make it easy.

We make it easy to interact with us. We’ll provide information in accessible and easy-to-use formats and help you use technology in ways that work for you.

  • We make it all about you.

We’ll always listen first and connect on your terms. We want to be there at the times that matter and whenever you need us again.

  • We know our stuff but keep it simple.

We offer impartial, reliable and relevant advice and information that’s clear and simple, so you can decide on the best next steps for you.

  • We connect you to all the options.

We connect you to support from other organisations and community groups, as well as RNIB. We’ll offer you choices that keep you in control over the services you use and the involvement you would like to have.

  • We invite you to be part of something bigger.

We want as many people as possible to contribute to making every day better for people affected by sight loss. We’ll invite you to stay in touch, connect with others and campaign for change.

6. Definitions and Feedback channels

Negative Feedback – A suggestion or thought about a product, service or experience.

Compliment – A positive review of a product, service or experience had with RNIB.

Complaint – An expression (oral or written) of dissatisfaction of a product, service or experience requiring a definitive resolution.

We welcome comments, compliments and complaints about the quality and nature of customer experience with RNIB. It is important to ensure that feedback is referred to the relevant service(s) as soon as possible, to avoid delay in responding to the customer. All customer feedback which should be acknowledged as a minimum.

Customers (including service users, donors, fundraisers, campaigners) can direct their feedback through the following main contact points:

We are committed to communicating with our customers in ways they find accessible.

Note that where RNIB offers a platform for online community engagement, such as a Facebook group, the RNIB Social Media Policy also applies.

We will assure our customers that if they tell us something is wrong we will:

  • Aim to resolve any complaint as soon as possible and within the time frames set out in this policy.
  • Explain our complaints process in simple clear terms.
  • Tell the right people in the organisation and keep a copy of the customer feedback so that improvements can be made where they need to be.
  • Inform customers what action has been taken and progress made.

Each team is responsible for ensuring that any decisions and outcomes are also passed on to staff as well as customers. Teams are also responsible for keeping accurate records of all feedback received and actions taken, reviewing these regularly to identify trends to drive improvements, and reporting them centrally for oversight and governance purposes.

7. Inappropriate Feedback

RNIB takes intimidating or threatening behaviour against its staff and volunteers seriously and does not tolerate inappropriate behaviour towards its staff, volunteers or any associated workers. Any worker who is subject to harassment, intimidation or threatening behaviour from a customer or complainant should inform their line manager immediately and comprehensive records of the interaction(s) should be kept.

8. Reporting

Each Service Area should report complaints monthly and review them at an appropriate forum, for example a monthly managers’ meeting. All complaints should be reported centrally on a quarterly basis. Please contact the owner of this policy for more information on how to access the reporting template and reporting complaints centrally. Once collated they will form a regular report to the Executive Leadership Team Board of Trustees, and relevant sub-committees.

9. Toolkit

  • RNIB Safeguarding Policy
  • RNIB Whistleblowing Policy
  • RNIB Social Media Policy
  • Appendix 1 Secure access to information on material disputes
  • Appendix 3 List of mandatory fields for recording customer feedback
  • Appendix 2 Complaints procedure

10. Version, Approved and Implementation Dates

Version: 5
Reviewed: June 2023
Next Review: April 2026
Agreed by: Executive Leadership Team and Board of Trustees
Author: Debbie Miller, Director of Customer Experience and Engagement.

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