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How businesses and other organisations can help blind and partially sighted people

A woman at a busy hospital reception desk working on a laptop.
A woman at a busy hospital reception desk working on a laptop.

Business can do much to support blind and partially sighted people by offering accessible services and products and as employers. Here we explain how to find more information on how any organisation – from small businesses and SMEs to major employers – can make the most of its activities and influence for good.

Employing individuals with sight loss

From new recruits with sight loss to staff who have developed an eye condition, our Visibly Better Employer programme ensures businesses have the right training and advice.

Why sight loss should not stop someone working

Our See the person video shows how Ava still can do her dream job after her sight loss diagnosis. No one should discount an employee, or prospective employee, because they have sight loss.

How we help make your services accessible

Our Business Services team can help you understand the needs of people with disabilities to ensure your business is inclusive. We work with big brands – including NatWest to Virgin Trains – in different ways, from helping with website accessibility to accessible communications, organising specialist user testing and training.

Better design is design for everyone

Our Design for Everyone campaigns show how accessible designed products and services help more than people with sight loss.

Building a better world for gamers with sight loss

Design for every gamer is our initiative to create a better gaming world for people with sight loss and a rallying cry to the industry to start making real change.

Join us as a corporate partner and work with us

We partner with organisations in many different ways, bringing them closer to our mission and helping them play a fundamental role in creating a fairer society for blind and partially sighted people.