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Partially sighted fan enjoys P!NK concert thanks to audio description

Blind and partially sighted music fans were able to experience P!NK through live audio description at her recent performance in Glasgow.

Katrina at a PINK concert with a stage in the background

When Katrina, heard that Audio Description Association Scotland (ADA Scotland) were providing live audio description to the P!NK concert at Hampden Park last week, she jumped at the opportunity to try it out.

Katrina, a Family Support Officer for RNIB Scotland, is partially sighted and had already purchased her tickets to the concert when she heard about the audio description offering. The descriptions help those who are blind or partially sighted to understand what is happening during events, allowing them to feel part of the experience.

“I just messaged ADA Scotland and they got Hampden to sort out accessible parking for me and my friend, as well as a VIP wrist band to help us get into the venue without having to navigate the crowds. We also had our seats changed to a boxed area where they provided the audio description headsets and there was plenty of room to dance!

“Audio description is not a common thing at concerts, so this was definitely new for me, but it was really good to be able to hear enough about what was going on onstage, without overpowering or talking over the songs. ADA Scotland had also sent me an email in advance to describe the stage so I had that mental picture in my head. I could also adjust the headset volume so it was just right for me.

“We had a bit of trouble finding our seats, but we got there eventually, and when P!NK came on the whole place went nuts. I’ve never heard a crowd so loud. She started by trapezing onto stage, and it just got better and better after that. She is really amazing.”

Caroline Jaquet, Chair of ADA Scotland adds,

“What a joy and privilege it was to describe these enormous gigs! The arrangements went smoothly, the descriptions were challenging but fun to do. Our biggest challenge is making more blind and partially sighted people aware of our service, but we had a great time with the visually impaired people we were supporting!”

And what was Katrina’s favourite part of the night?

“We had such an amazing time, and the audio description was really good at just emphasizing everything and making it an experience. I knew I was a fan before I went to the concert, but I didn’t realise how much of a fan I was, every song just got better and better.

“My favourite song was ‘When I Get There’ which is one she wrote about her dad who passed away, it was just such an emotional performance. It was really special.”

Listen in to RNIB Connect Radio to hear more about Katrina’s experience: