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Development of our staff

If you are picking RNIB as a place to work, your development matters to us.

It’s crucial for us that you are equipped with the right knowledge to do your job here well - and part of that is having plenty of opportunities to develop those skills which are relevant to your role. Whether you are looking for career progression or want to continuously develop in a role you know is where you want to be our Organisational Development team are dedicated to nurturing talent.

Mentorship Programme

We are part of a wider cross-charity mentoring scheme, allowing you to broaden your skillset with support both within the organisation and across the sector.


Here at RNIB, we believe learning is for everyone - and we are committed to develop through progression. Our Apprentices include not only new starters but Chief Officer level staff. There are over 85 diverse apprenticeships ranging from Accountancy Taxation Professional (Level 7/Masters); Social Worker (Integrated Degree) (Level 6); Marketing Executive (Level 4) and Engineering Fitter (Level 3) all of which offer 20% of working time for learning.

As an employee you also have access to our Central Development Fund to attend other external development like a training course on a specialism, a seminar run by your professional body or a conference.

Organisational Development concentrates on so much more than just learning so you should also find us working hard on other activities like Wellbeing, for example, to enable you to reach your full potential here.