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Education and learning

Information on education and learning for education professionals, children with vision impairment and blind or partially sighted young people.

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Whether you’re the parent of a child with vision impairment, a blind or partially sighted young person or an education professional we have information and resources on education and learning that could help you.

Education for children

Most blind and partially sighted children are educated in mainstream schools, or in special schools that do not specialise in vision impairment. We have a range of information to ensure your child gets the support they need.

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SEN reforms

New legislation brought about by the Children and Families Act 2014, means that statements for special educational needs will be replaced by Education, Health and Care Plans. The principle of setting out what an individual child needs remains the same. Changes only affect families living in England. We have now updated our content to reflect these changes.

Education for young people

If you’re a young person who is blind or partially sighted we have advice around choosing subjects, exams and study skills, after school clubs and activities as well as how to start planning for life after school and moving on to college, university or work. We also have advice if you are looking to start studying as an adult or retraining because of sight loss. It is never too late to start learning!

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Education professionals

If you’re an education professional we have a range of advice and guidance about teaching blind and partially sighted pupils from the early years to secondary education.

Information for education professionals