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Play your part ahead of election day

Play your part in making the upcoming General Election the most accessible ever.

What the future Prime Minister can do to ensure voting is accessible, once and for all

Blind and partially sighted people have a right to a secret vote. The UK Government has a responsibility to make sure there are alternative ways to participate for those who find the current system inaccessible.

If the sighted world had to share their vote choices, people and news outlets would be up in arms about everyone’s right to an anonymous vote. So, we’ve looked at what the experience might be like if everyone had company in the polling booth.

Watch our film to find out how it feels to vote as a blind or partially sighted person and sign our open letter today.

In the run up to an election, political candidates and campaigners will be speaking to voters across the country.

Now is the time to use your influence with candidates and ask them to help break down barriers for blind and partially sighted people during these elections and beyond.

We have a few simple things you can do to play your part, to help us reach every candidate across the UK and bring about change.

Speak up on issues affecting blind and partially sighted people this election period

Elections are a great opportunity to use your voice to push for change on key issues, and help people with sight loss to get the support they're entitled to.

This election, we are focusing on three key priorities:

  • Making sure everyone who needs it receives vision rehabilitation support
  • Establishing a national plan for eye care
  • Making sure blind and partially sighted people are able to vote in secret

Read our handy script to find out what you could say when speaking with a candidate.

Share our “How to campaign accessibly” guide with your candidates

There are two simple things political parties and candidates can do, if they aren’t doing them already, to make campaigning more accessible:

  • Always add ALT text to images
  • #CapYourHashtags
  • Introduce themselves on the doorstep

Making a habit of these things will make a huge difference, ensuring that blind and partially sighted people are included, and are better able to compare the candidates on offer.

We’ve created a handy, short, guide that provides step by step instructions to help candidates make their campaigning accessible.

Download the guide today and share with your candidates.

Support RNIB's call to make this the most accessible General Election ever

I'm supporting RNIB's call to make this General Election the most accessible ever.

Building a world ready for sight loss – RNIB’s asks to the next UK Government

We want every blind and partially sighted person to live in a society that works for them, confident that they will be included and made welcome everywhere, and able to explore and fulfil their ambitions. But society is not yet ready to deal with sight loss.

You can play your part in creating a fairer world with and for people with sight loss by asking the next UK Government to make that world a reality.

Download our full set of asks to the next UK Government and share with your candidates:

Download our full set of asks: