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Making it easier for someone with sight loss to start their own business

We've struck an exciting partnership with British Business Bank that aims to break down barriers to the business world for people living with sight loss.

As a first step, we'll be producing braille, audio and large print versions of start-up loan documents and we’ll support the bank with providing accessible journeys across all customer-facing channels.

This will involve changes to the bank's website and its Start Up Loans application process, as well as the provision of training to staff.

And to improve accessibility within its own recruitment process, British Business Bank has become one of the first organisations to have passed Part One of our Visibly Better Employer Framework.

David Clarke, RNIB Director of Services, said it’s critical that businesses “empower people living with sight loss to realise their potential” and enable them to “play an important part in contributing to the economy.”

Catherine Lewis La Torre, the CEO of British Business Bank said they are proud to partner with us in ensuring that blind and partially sighted people “experience equal opportunities, both in the workplace and in accessing the finance and mentoring they need to set up in business.”

Further information

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