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Response to the Prime Minister in the House of Commons announcing the new living with Covid plans

David Clarke, Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) Chief Operating Officer, said:

“With Covid legal restrictions being lifted, it’s essential that the needs of disabled people are genuinely taken into account and reflected in Government policy. Blind and partially sighted people faced unique challenges during the pandemic with their needs often overlooked; many people didn’t always receive vital letters on shielding in accessible formats while the reality of social distancing was often impossible. We also had to fight to ensure people with sight loss were considered a priority group when it came to booking online food deliveries.

“We urge the Government to truly consider how they can best support blind and partially sighted people as we move to a new normal, such as continuing the work to ensure Covid tests are accessible. Whatever the future pattern of Covid infections, it’s vital that the impact of Government policies on blind and partially sighted people is factored in from the start, and not as an afterthought.”