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Outdoor activities

Stepping outside can be the perfect way to get active. It can also really boost your mood.

There are plenty of activities you can get involved with outdoors, whether you want to get moving on your own, or with friends. Activities like walking, cycling and golf can all be adapted for people with sight loss.

Tandem cycling can get you outdoors, with some added support for navigation. You can ride just for fun or challenge yourself to longer distances. It can help improve your fitness as Ken, one of our See Sport Differently supporters, found when he discovered tandem cycling.

Ken’s story: Why change doesn’t equal inactivity

Ken didn’t let his sight loss stop him from staying active. He made simple changes to allow him to keep living an active life.

Find out how Ken got into tandem cycling…

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Not found what you’re looking for? Discover more activities that might be just right. Head over to British Blind Sport’s website to browse other options, like walking and golf.

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If you want to start exercising or get involved in an activity but don’t know where to start, take our quiz to find the right activity for you.

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We’re sharing the stories of nine people who have started their journey to get active, to help you do the same. Are you ready to See Sport Differently?

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If you want to get active but would prefer to start your journey from the comfort of your own home, why not try out one of our home workouts?

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