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Accessible maps, images and signage

For over 25 years, RNIB has been the UK’s market leader in the design and production of accessible maps, image, and signage and all of our services are tailored to meet the requirements of our clients.

The services we offer

If you are looking to improve the accessibility of your wayfinding maps, images and signage - we can help. Our Accessible Maps, Images and Signage Consultants are available to talk through your ideas and requirements.

Accessible images with full description writing

Our accessible images are available in two formats – tactile with braille or large print – and are specifically and carefully designed interpretations for blind and partially sighted people. When combined with labelling, detailed and comprehensive descriptions, and informative text, they give people with sight loss the opportunity to explore and engage with objects/ images that would not normally be accessible to them.

Accessible Hand-Held Maps:

Our accessible hand-held maps allow blind and partially sighted people equal access to information to help them understand the layout of an area or building. This enables them to engage with their environment more independently and allows them to make their own choices about where to go and what to do within an area or building.

RNIB Map for All:

RNIB Map for All is a unique product that we design and manufacture for people of all ages and abilities including people with sight loss. Our maps can be read by sight, by touch, or a combination of both with ‘inclusive access for all’ as the core principle giving the reader an overview of the layout of an area or building.

Accessible Signage:

Our accessible signage consists of raised large print and braille with a good visual contrast so they can be read by both sight and touch. They can also have raised pictograms and symbols that are suitable for access by touch.

Accessible Touch Installations:

Accessible touch installations can be used to interpret a wide range of subjects in a variety of different environments and have ‘inclusive access for all’ as the core principle. The provision of accessible touch installations gives a diverse audience including people with sight loss, children, people with learning difficulties and wheelchair users sensory experiences they may never have had before.

Accessible maps and images workshop

The creation of accessible images is more complex than simply creating a tactile or large print copy of the original and are much more than simple outline drawings. Our workshop provides an introduction to the world of accessible images and maps. It is available as either a half day or full day training for up to 20 delegates at a venue of your choice.

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Our fully comprehensive service includes:

  • Initial project/idea discussion, consultancy and advice to enable you to focus on the relevant elements to ensure that maximum accessibility is achieved
  • Working with you on the content of your project
  • Product design including braille transcription and full proofreading
  • Product production with quality check

For further details and consultations, contact us at 01733 375113 or email [email protected]. Join us in creating a world where accessibility is not just a goal but a reality for all.