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Voice of the customer report: Travel and transport

Insights into the lives of blind and partially sighted people in the UK and the issues that matter most to them. Key insights cover blind and partially sighted people’s experience of travel and getting around.

Key findings

  • More than one in three blind and partially sighted people never use public transport, and a similar proportion are not able to make all the journeys they want to. This limits their ability to work and participate in society.
  • Technology such as smart phones and travel apps increase confidence and independence, but only a quarter of people with sight loss use tech regularly on public transport.
  • Passenger assistance can enable people with sight loss to travel independently, and while few people are using the service, it is highly praised by those that do. Most people with sight loss rely on a family member or friend to provide this support.
  • Accessible design – including the built environment at transport hubs as well as features such as audio announcements on buses and trains – allows for an improved experience for everyone.