Transitions to adulthood: Technical reports for ‘Longitudinal study of transitions experiences of blind and partially sighted young people (Phase 3)'

Phase 3 of the transitions study started in April 2015 and is following over 60 participants as they move from further and higher education to training and employment, and into independent living. The following reports explore the experiences and views of these young people regarding a range of topics and themes.

Reflections of Transition Experiences by Young People with Visual Impairments aged 19-22

Authors: Rachel Hewett and Graeme Douglas, VICTAR, University of Birmingham; Sue Keil: RNIB; Publisher: University of Birmingham funded by the Thomas Pocklington Trust; Year of publication: 2016

This report is based upon data collected between December 2015 and March 2016 when the young people were aged between 19 and 22 years old. It focuses on the young people’s reflections of their experiences of school and the transitions process, and how well these prepared them for the move to further and higher education, training and employment and into independent adulthood.


Thomas Pocklington Trust has provided funding for this phase of the study. It is a national charity dedicated to delivering positive change for people with sight loss. As a central part of its work, it funds research that supports independent living and provides evidence, insight and guidance for policymakers, service planners and developers, frontline professionals and people with sight loss. The views expressed in the research reports are those of the authors and not necessarily those of Thomas Pocklington Trust. For more information, go to