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Technology volunteer support: Barbara and Peter

Barbara is one of our technology customers who has recently lost her sight. She has grown more and more isolated as a result of her sight loss, and has very little experience of using technology. To help her stay connected to friends and family Barbara decided to buy an iPad, a big step for her, and wanted support to understand how to use it properly.

She was visited by Peter, who volunteers as part of the RNIB Technology Support Squad. The team provide one-to-one technology support to people with sight loss in their homes, helping to set people up with new devices, demonstrating accessibility features and sharing how to get the most out of the internet.

Barbara shares her experience of being supported by Peter:

“After the tablet was set up, I found it difficult to understand the tech terms and thought I would never get the hang of it. However, I got in touch with RNIB and was advised that they could offer me the assistance of a volunteer who would guide me through how to get the best use of the iPad."

"Peter, a volunteer, came out to my home. He showed me how to listen to music, find places of interest which I had visited in the past, and explore new topics. He explained how to best use search engines, windows, google earth etc. He also produced simple instructions with step by step guides for me to refer to in the future. This was all done in large print and in language which I could understand. I refer to these on a regular basis and they have proved invaluable.

"Peter has now visited me on several occasions and each time I have learned something new. He answers my questions and shows me how to correct things when I make a mistake.  He has lots of patience. My confidence has grown and this has opened up a whole new world to me.”

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