Policy: Transport and getting around

We believe that being blind or partially sighted shouldn't mean giving up the right to being able to independently get around.

A well placed road crossing, a clear pavement or provision of accessible bus information could stop a town centre becoming a no-go area.

Government and public bodies regularly consult on their plans and it can be a great opportunity for us to influence. It could be a Parliamentary Select Committee looking for evidence, a public body producing guidance or even the first draft of a piece of legislation.

Policy statements


Accessible streets

In the 'Seeing Streets Differently report, we provide recommendations for Local Authorities and Department for Transport on how to make our streets inclusive.

In the 'Who put that there! report we call for reviewed policies and guidance to enable blind and partially sighted people to get out and about safely and independently.

Accessible transport

In the 'Stop for me, Speak to me' campaign report 2013 we called for dramatic improvements in bus travel for passengers with sight loss. 

Consultation responses