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There are a total of 45 NHS apps and e-health services available through NHS login, but just how easy is it for someone with sight loss to set up and use NHS online services?

Sight loss charity, Henshaws, have asked some of their staff to share their experiences setting up and using NHS online services. Currently there are 45 different NHS services available through NHS login, including e-referral services, COVID-19 support and advice, maternity and child health services, online pharmacies, and services to monitor and improve health and wellbeing. Once your identity is verified using NHS login you can securely access digital health and care services using just your email address and password.

Henshaws have reviewed how usable and accessible NHS online services are.

Henshaws reviews

NHS login is an online service, managed by NHS Digital, which provides people with a quick and secure single point of access to many of the NHS online services. Henshaws have reviewed the NHS login process. In this article, Richard from the charity explores how easy, or not, it is to verify your identity and get started with NHS login. Read about Richard's experience here.

Once you're set up on NHS login you are able to use your email address and password to get access to a range of other NHS apps and websites. Mark, from the Henshaws Digital Enablement Team, looked at how you can use NHS online services to get health information, book a GP appointment and lots more. Read about Mark's experiences with NHS online services here.

Henshaws are working with the NHS to help them gain a better understanding of why people do, or don’t, engage with NHS online services. Take part in Henshaws short NHS app survey here.

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Date: 10 December 2021