Help us support young people with sight loss to thrive

View of the laptop screen from over Charlie's shoulder
Charlie was born with optic nerve hypoplasia and nystagmus.

Five years ago, he was also diagnosed with ocular albinism. Having very little sight has meant that Charlie has faced many barriers growing up, but there’s one thing that has been a constant struggle, and that’s reading.

Charlie needs words to be in size 72 font in order to read them (more than five times bigger than the font that you’re reading now), which has meant that he’s had to work even harder to keep up with his peers.

But he hasn’t let his sight hold him back. With the help of RNIB Bookshare - which allows him to download text books and revision guides straight onto his laptop and make the text as big as he needs to - Charlie finished his GCSEs this summer and is about to start his A-levels.

RNIB Bookshare has made a huge difference to me. Being able to revise independently has been amazing. It would have been almost impossible to do my exams without it.

Charlie is aiming high for the future. He wants to study law at university and become a barrister. And there are many more young people with sight loss who have goals and aspirations, just like Charlie.

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