Updated guidance on assessing patients fitness to drive

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016
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A guide to help GPs and other health professionals assess their patients' fitness to drive has been revamped by the DVLA.

Assessing Fitness to Drive: A Guide for Medical Professionals replaces the At a Glance guide, following feedback from medical professionals. 

The online resource provides clear guidance and consistent advice on a number of medical conditions such as diabetes and visual disorders that could affect a person’s ability to drive. It also spells out when the DVLA should or should not be contacted.

It advises that doctors and other healthcare professionals should:

  • advise the individual on the impact of their medical condition for safe driving ability
  • advise the individual on their legal requirement to notify the DVLA of any relevant condition
  • treat, manage and monitor the individual’s condition with ongoing consideration of their fitness to drive
  • notify the DVLA when fitness to drive requires notification but an individual cannot or will not notify the DVLA themselves.

The DVLA said it was important to note that although there are a number of conditions which must be reported to the DVLA, it doesn’t always mean a patient will ultimately lose their licence. The majority of people are able to have a full or short term licence, it says. 

Further information 

The new guide is available for all health professionals at the GOV.UK website.