Living with nystagmus in childhood – Molly’s story

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Tuesday, 16 January 2018
Image of Molly speaking to the camera in her school library

A new film by RNIB aims to help people understand how nystagmus can affect children.

Molly is 10 years old and has nystagmus, a condition that causes constant movement of the eyes which can’t be controlled. It currently affects one in 1,000 people in the UK and is the most common form of visual impairment among children (Nystagmus Network, January 2018).

Molly was diagnosed with nystagmus when she was eight months old, after her mum Shelley noticed that she wasn’t making eye contact. Molly also couldn’t pick up small objects or recognise relatives from across the room.

In the film, Shelley talks more about what it was like for their family when Molly was diagnosed and how they are always learning how to adapt things to make life easier.
Molly also talks about adjustments that are made in the classroom to help her access her lessons, such as using yellow paper and a magnification tool, and Molly’s learning support assistant talks about how they make sporting activities inclusive.

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