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Thursday, 4 May 2017
ATM locator app

Fully accessible, free smartphone app has been developed to enable visually impaired people to locate ATMs more easily.

Thomas Pocklington Trust has been working with LINK, the UK’s cash machine (ATM) network, to launch a GPS-enabled ATM locator app which is designed to help people with visual impairment and other disabilities to easily locate ATMs based on their access needs.

Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) was embedded in the app development process with LINK, providing expert feedback to the developers at each stage to ensure the app would be fully accessible. The charity also organised extensive testing to ensure the app was accessible with VoiceOver and TalkBack screen readers on both iOS and Android platforms. 
The app, called the 'LINK ATM Locator App', allows users to set up filters to find ATMs that cater to different needs, including:
  • ATMs with audio assistance,
  • that are wheelchair accessible,
  • dispense £5 notes,
  • provide mobile recharge services,
  • enable pin management and are free to use.
It also enables people to find ATMs close to their location and perform postcode-based searches in order to find ATMs at another location.
Users can send feedback via the app and report ATMs that do not offer the services stated in the app, allowing LINK to keep the database up-to-date and to fix issues. 
Marsha de Cordova, Engagement and Advocacy Director at TPT, commented: “I am thrilled that LINK chose to engage and work with us on the development of their new app. It is vital that technology is accessible. LINK involved us at every stage of development ensuring accessibility remained a priority and they have been open to all of our suggestions and feedback. We hope other organisations follow in LINK's footsteps to make sure apps are accessible to all.”

John Howells, LINK’s CEO said: “LINK is committed to financial inclusion and the independent LINK Consumer Council has been fully behind this exciting initiative.  Cash remains an essential part of our lives and is still the most attractive payment option for many of us in lots of situations. The new, free app will make finding an ATM more convenient for everyone and, with its search filters, make it easier for vulnerable consumers to draw out their cash safely, and for anyone who wants to find ATMs that dispense £5 notes.”

Download the LINK ATM Locator App by visiting the Play Store on Android devices and the App Store on iOS.

Further information

  • LINK operates the UK’s cash machine network which connects the country’s 70,000 cash machines. LINK’s role is to ensure UK consumers continue to enjoy world-class, universal access to cash in a safe, convenient and rapid manner. The LINK Scheme is governed by the 39 industry organisations that issue ATM cards and deploy ATMs in the UK. 
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