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Monday, 18 April 2016
Someone in the Social Media apps folder on their iPhone

Facebook and Twitter have introduced new features to make them more accessible for users with vision impairment.

Facebook has begun using artificial intelligence to describe photos to users with vision impairment. Called “automatic alternative text,” the feature identifies photo content and then uses the iPhone VoiceOver feature to read descriptions of the photos out loud.
The feature was created by Facebook’s accessibility team, which previously built in video captions and an option to increase the default font size on the iPhone app. The automatic alternative text feature will be coming later to the Android app and web.
Twitter has also introduced the option to add descriptions to images in Tweets uploaded via the iPhone and Android apps, saying that it is excited to empower users to make images accessible so that everyone can be included in the conversation.
Terry Hawkins, Head of Sales at RNIB, recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post titled, ‘What Twitter's New Accessibility Feature Could Mean for People Living with Sight Loss.’ Read it here.
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