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Monday, 18 April 2016

A free public transport app, which is used by more than 35 million people in over 60 countries, is now accessible.

People with vision impairment can now use the smartphone app Moovit to navigate public transport, thanks to a new feature that allows users to hold their finger on their phone screen to hear which button or icon is beneath it.
The new functionality integrates the VoiceOver and TalkBack on iPhone and Android, making the app accessible for all users that have the settings enabled.
“If I need to travel to an unfamiliar area, I can simply open Moovit and plan a route from my door to the destination,” said Sam, a Moovit user from East Midlands.
The Moovit team worked with a blind developer Adi Kushnir while creating the accessibility features, who provided first-hand experience and feedback that helped ensure the product would be efficient and easy to use for people with vision impairment.

"One of the biggest benefits is that you can explore a route to a certain place before you go. For blind people this is important. From home, you can learn and explore your route so that when you go, it’s already familiar, not new,” said Kushnir.

“Another benefit is that we don’t have to rely on the announcements of stations when we’re travelling…There are sometimes problems, especially with bus lines, where the next station is not always announced. Moovit tells you when you’ve finished your ride so you know when you’ve arrived to your destination," added Kushnir.
Moovit CMO, Alex Mackenzie Torres, said that they are committed to providing a smooth transit experience for all users and will continue to experiment with more accessibility features in the future.
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