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If you're an optometrist you can find resources and guidance to help you support your patients with sight loss and those at risk from sight loss.

Optometrists play a vital role in preventing people from losing their sight unnecessarily so we've compiled our useful resources to help you support your patients. You can visit our eye conditions pages or the Royal College of Ophthalmologists website for further information and guidance.

Preventing avoidable sight loss

Our Preventing avoidable sight loss guide introduces optometrists and ophthalmologists to RNIB's work to develop evidence-based eye health interventions. It provides an overview of:

  • the five key areas optometrists and ophthalmologists can address to improve access to, and design of, local eye care services
  • RNIB's research into the barriers and enablers that affect access to primary and secondary eye care services
  • the key recommendations from an evidence review examining the effectiveness of intervention strategies to address inequalities in eye health care
  • the Community Engagement Project’s pilot interventions, which seek to improve eye health for groups at an increased risk of sight loss.

The Preventing avoidable sight loss guide will be available soon