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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve exaggerated your eye condition? A blind YouTuber from the US addresses this topic and shares his experience in a recent video.

In one of Sam Seavy's latest videos, he talks about why he sometimes feels the need to act more blind than he really is.

Sam explains that some people expect everyone who has sight loss to act a certain way, for example using a sweeping motion with a cane. He feels the need to live up to this stereotype because if he doesn’t, they may say: “You’re not blind enough to use that cane, why are you faking?” 

Watch Sam’s video:

More about Sam

Sam has Stargardt disease and has been legally blind since his early teens. Sam created his YouTube channel The Blind Life (previously known as The Blind Spot) as an outlet to share his experience of living with sight loss in America. He also gives tips and tricks for navigating life with an eye condition.

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