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Tuesday, 9 January 2018
Illustration of a rehabilitation officer and a service user

RNIB is creating a new campaigning toolkit which will help you to demand better access to vision rehabilitation and social care provision in your area.

Every council in England is required by law to provide rehabilitation and social care support to people with vision impairment. This support includes having access to aids and equipment, mobility training and essential skills to help people maintain independence.
Since launching in July 2016, RNIB’s “See, Plan and Provide” campaign has been asking commissioners to improve blind and partially sighted people’s access to vision rehabilitation support and social care.

Unfortunately, all too often, people living with sight loss either find there is a lack of provision in their area or they experience long waiting times to receive the help they need.

So you can campaign for better access to services in your area, we are launching a new self-advocacy toolkit. The toolkit will enable you to lobby decision makers by helping you identify and understand your rights to care. By using a range of tips, advice, research and legal evidence, you will be able to advocate for your own local action from day one.
It was planned the toolkit would to be available from the beginning of January 2018. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case but it will be available by the end of January.
This is a Campaign Update from the January 2018 issue of Connect magazine, issue number 18.

More information

  • As well as self-advocating, our regional campaign officers and network teams across England are there to help support you in your campaigning. Find out more about the toolkit on RNIB's "See, Plan and Provide" page.
  • Check out RNIB's Current Campaigns pages to find out about how to get involved or for help setting up your own campaign.