Ansley’s blog: RNIB Cymru launches Senedd Cymru/Welsh Parliament election manifesto

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Thursday, 8 October 2020
Headshot of Ansley Workman

Our manifesto calls on the next Welsh Government to make Wales a country without barriers for people with sight loss.

COVID-19 has exacerbated many of the problems that blind and partially sighted people already face in day to day life, but it has also brought to the fore some of the best aspects of our society. We believe that this generosity of spirit can spark the creation of a more equal and inclusive society for people with sight loss and other disabilities.

To help us achieve a Wales where there are no barriers for people with sight loss, RNIB Cymru is calling for the next Welsh Government to commit to five things:

  1.  Prioritise ending needless sight loss by accelerating the transformation of eye care services.

  2. Break down environmental barriers faced by blind and partially sighted people in our towns, cities and streets. People with sight loss should be able to live, travel and enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else.

  3. Tackle the postcode lottery of Vision Rehabilitation Services. Every person diagnosed with sight loss, wherever they live, should be able to access the support they need to empower them to live safely and to enable them to play an active part in society.

  4. Embed accessible information practices into the NHS and wider public services. People with sight loss should receive information in a format that works for them, by right and without fight.

  5. Create a fairer, more equal society by reforming the way the public sector engages with disabled people. Proactively involving disabled people in decision-making processes from the earliest stages will identify and remove barriers before they are put in place, creating a fairer, more equal society for all.

The 121,000 people living with sight loss across Wales must be supported and empowered to live full, healthy, independent lives. We now have a real chance to effect change across the nation, and to build lasting legacies that benefit our whole society.

RNIB Cymru is looking forward to working with the next Welsh Government to create a Wales without barriers.

Download our manifesto and watch our campaign video here.