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Download COVID-19 PCR test kit instructions

If you’ve ordered a PCR home test kit, you can access these alternative format instructions online by downloading the free digital from the list below.

You can also request alternative format instructions to be sent to you by filling out the form.

Digital instruction downloads

RNIB Info Line

The audio version of the instructions (in English) is also available to listen to on our RNIB Info Line, a recorded information service. Simply call 0203 432 1488 and follow the instructions. If you want to talk to an advisor, you can easily connect to the RNIB Helpline by pressing star 1.

Here are some instructions to get you started:

  • Press star 1 - Connect to RNIB Helpline
  • Press hash - Plays help menu

Reading controls:

  • Press 1 - Skip back 30 seconds
  • Press 3 - Skip forward 30 seconds
  • Press 4 - Skip back 3 minutes
  • Press 5 - Pauses reading
  • Press 6 - Skip forward 3 minutes
  • Press star then star again - Returns to the menu